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A Blessed Life

Abba, Let me love and be alert as I read your Word, give me a soft, malleable heart willing to learn. Open my ears to hear your instruction, let your Word always be before me, help me to treasure what you speak in the depths of my heart. Your Word, your instruction, your counsel bring […]

Lord Use Me

Lord, I ask for shalom peace over my mind, purity and clarity in my heart, clear, healthy boundaries around my life. Open my eyes to see, my ears to hear, my heart to you Lord. Lead and guide my steps, don’t let me run past you or lag behind. Sharpen my intuition to be in […]

Divinely Appointed

Lord, I praise you for your Spirit, your power, intelligence, and love, silent, active, a whisper, moving behind the scenes, orchestrating and working all things in alignment with your perfect will, for my good, for justice and love, for your kingdom come. I praise you for the right people in the right place at the […]

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