Heal Us Lord

Photo by Yves Moret on Unsplash

Father, Son and Spirit

Perfect in love and unity

One in holy essence

Thank You for inviting me

into Your wholeness

through You Yeshua, I’m complete

in the love of God

Release your love and unity

upon our nation today

make us whole from trauma and wounds

deliver us from fear, hate and oppression

open our eyes to see beyond skin

and embrace community

enable us to listen

with loving-kindness and gentleness

as You do for us

Let us know Your intimate comfort

so we can share it freely

Embrace our hurting world

with Your mercy and grace

draw our hearts to look to You

and help us to repent

Healer of our hearts

Deliverer from our pain

Savior of our souls

Yeshua, the Way, the Truth, and the Life

we need You

blessed be Your Name



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