Our Father Loves You

Photo by Natasha V on Unsplash

Heavenly Father

Thank You for giving Your Son

to die my death and live for me

in Yeshua, I’m a new creation

His Spirit, His thoughts, intentions and motives

and my heart and mind

integrated, whole and aligned

one with Him

No shame, no guilt

all condemnation lifted from me

cleansed by His blood

and now I sense Your delight

Your pleasure over me

Thank You for Your excitement

over my fumbling steps of obedience

Your encouragement and comfort

as I follow You and sometimes feel alone

Your happiness in my trying

Your enabling strength in my tiny steps

and Your presence to turn to

whenever I’m in need

which is moment by moment

You are my good Father

teaching me how to trust You

because You only bring good

give wisdom and light in all my circumstances

joy and peace in obedience

guidance that leads to life

You’re faithful and trustworthy

powerful and wise

with all authority for good

the God in charge of all heaven and universe

who loves me

I’m a child of God

Thank you Father

I love You



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