Make Us One

Abba Father,

I bless the work of Your hands

every color, shape, culture and tongue

each and every brother and sister in the Body of Messiah

Your creation, a new creation in spirit

Call us forth in Yeshua

to arise whole, complete and healed in Him

to fulfill Your unique call upon each of our lives

spreading the fragrance of Messiah in our steps

to understand Your precious inheritance in us

of Yeshua’s love and grace in and through us

help us keep our hearts set on You

inclining our ears to Your voice

above the clamor and noise of the world

and do the good work You’ve prepared

for each of our different, beautiful hands to do

unite us under your headship

one in Your Spirit, mind and purpose

that Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven

and to You be all power, honor and glory forever



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