Blessings To You

Photo by Tunafish Mayonnaise on Unsplash

Bless you in the name of Yeshua

Bless you with His comfort to rest on your soul

Bless you with His peace to ground you, to breathe, to be

Bless you with His strength to anchor you in your vulnerability

Bless you with His counsel to guide you in chaos and confusion

Bless you with His Word to nourish and replenish your life

Bless you with His kindness to know your loved in your struggle

Bless you with His wisdom that leads you to joy and peace

Bless you with His love where you hurt and fear the most

Bless you with His Spirit moving and working all things for your good

Bless you, you are an overcomer in Messiah

Gloriously shining His holy, merciful light

through your broken, beautiful pieces

Bless you to be you – exactly as He made you

you are perfect, whole, and complete in Him


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