The New Has Come

Abba Father

You call me like Lazarus from the dead

shedding off gray garments, dull shell, old skin

loosening tentacles of trauma

transformed to golden cords of healing

unbroken, connected with you

You stir up dead coals within me

sifting, encouraging sparks and warmth

by your breath, by your Spirit

and the Word you’ve planted

the seeds you’ve sown within me

are no match for the crust of old life

the past holding me back

You call me forth like Lazarus

I rise from the dead

a new creation in Messiah

filled with your fire, your Spirit, your living waters

alive to your call, your meaning and love

molded and crafted within me

to live my true purpose and identity

I love you Lord

my voice, my life I lift up in praise to you



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