Praise In Pain

Father God,

You are the God of all compassion, mercy and righteusness

and yet there’s so many things I don’t understand.

Help me God, I don’t get why suffering comes

why you bring things and then take things away.

Why I pray and cling to hope,

to see only shadows come and death.

Father, I confess I’m exhausted trying to figure it all out.

I know I may never get answers,

and it makes me feel completely out of control and weak.

I’m at a loss God.

Help me, precious Father, please give me the grace to trust you.

You reign over all things in perfect wisdom, love, and truth.

I know there’s nothing good in me,

and my ancestors didn’t know you,

yet in your mercy, you touched my heart to receive your Son

to die and save me, and my family.

Father, you have been the One by me to comfort me,

to still my aching heart with your presence.

You have healed me with your words

and gently waited for me to approach your light and mercy.

I don’t have answers and my grief is heavy,

but I praise you God, for you are always my light and strength.

My comfort, my keeper, and my light,

and I will bless your Name today.



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