Take Heart Beloved

Photo by Meric Dagli on Unsplash

Take heart beloved

Just one step forward

I’m with you

you’re not alone

I’ll push the darkness away

the heavy clouds of shame

I’ll protect you from the enemy

its flaming arrows pulling you down

lean on me

trust me

I love you

I accept you where you are

let’s take the next step together

I’m for you and not against you

my burden is light

my yoke is easy

I want you to succeed

in all my plans for you

to prosper you and not to harm you

wait on me

I’m not slow in my promises

I want my best for you

surrender all

give me your weary heart

be my companion

rest in the garden with me

and walk with me, my friend

I love you

I am always here for you

My beloved.


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