Photo by Majid Rangraz on Unsplash.

I’ve run away without looking back

casting ordinary aside for adrenaline highs,

Crossing oceans seeking home

in my motherland and foreign soil,

losing myself to missions and the greater cause,

when the one that needed saving was me.

Merciful Abba, you see right through me

and you knew that all cylinder,

the engine enabling escape

would break,

by my own ignorance and abuse,

knowing not my function or way.

You waited and waited for me,

with gentle intervention when reality threatened my life,

and truth was exposed by layers, a festering wound

beyond what I could bear.

And you made me stay,

now broken, unable to run away,

holding me close, saying it would be all be ok,

dressing my wounds, cleansing my heart,

even as I clawed and slapped your healing hands away.

Your love applied time as a balm,

you were in no hurry

to watch me heal, accept and be

just simply me.

Won by your love and choosing to stay

with you for all eternity,

I love you God.


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