Your Voice Is Lovely

Photo by Zuska Stozicka on Unsplash.

Above all the clamor, the restless world

shoving, pressing, pushing, slicing voices

cutting me up into little pieces,

taking a fragment to make their whole

leaving me bereft, unboundaried, nowhere, lost,

my artificial walls shutting them out

isolating me against invisible them,

glass armor, too fragile to handle,

Above it all…

the sun still rises and the light still shines

touching me, even as words fall like black rain

you bring life into my glass menagerie

using the refuse, pressure and brokenness

and transforming by your wonder-working light

nurturing, committed, relentlessly loving

resuscitating and restoring my very DNA

to grow, blossom, and trumpet your glory

I’m joyful, thankful to be whole in your love

your voice cuts through all,

your Word speaks a better word

your Spirit and love brings life

I bless you my Redeemer, my God



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