A Vanity Affair

Photo by Hisu Lee on Unsplash.

Lord, you’re by my side as the black clouds come

walking hand in hand with me,

Your comfort and counsel close to me,

your strength and power reassuring,

most of all your warm, earthy presence

and your Spirit, it’s the blossoms’s perfume before a storm

hold onto to me, don’t let me go,

for as the elements collide, and the nations rage

everything is stripped down, hearts exposed, souls naked

and the pursuit of self and happiness in fleeting time,

dizzying chaos, and the anxiety of uncertainty,

feels empty, meaningless, and purposeless.

All is vanity as the world roils…

but God.

Your love reaching me from beyond eternity centers me,

Your heart and passion changes my shallow desires,

Your purpose roots me in earth and connects me to heaven,

raising my head, and opening my eyes

to see in faith to what lasts forever,

Your holiness, righteousness, beauty and love will always reign,

and you are coming back soon

to make all things right,

I worship you King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.



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