He Gets You

Photo by Sebastien Dottin on Unsplash.

Lord you get me,

you peel away the layers

of my censorship,

the religion and expectations I bought into

going through robotic motions,

saying it’s life

wondering why there’s a still a gray fog

of depression, repression

of feeling anything,

saying you’re good

when I wonder if you’re there

confused and discouraged

at promises yet to bear,

Lord you get it all,

and you welcome me

my rage, my anger

my feelings I can’t control

pain I’m scared to look at

you can handle it all,

you don’t judge or condemn

your love finds hope, joy

and celebrates

the truth of who I am,

imperfect, in process

learning to be really me with you

me, who you’ve loved all along

who you trust in, hope in, and love,

there’s no one like you God,

your endless love transforms,

I trust you and thank you

for never letting go of me.

I love you God.


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