Casting Your Cares

Photo by Pascal Meier on Unsplash.

Precious God,

I never thought I could come to you,

expressing all of me,

I’ve stifled all the ugly,

the unbecoming, pain and rejected in me

thinking you’d turn me away.

I thought I should have known better,

after all this time,

but I still struggle to grasp all of Your love

that You love me,

depression, brokenness, failure, and grief,

I’m surprised You welcome me, a mess, with open arms,

but You do,

again and again,

and I realize, Yeshua, this is what You died for,

for me to come

and lay all of me in Your hands,

I can talk to You about it all,

knowing You will accept, understand, and comfort,

trusting You have the power to heal, transform, and change,

knowing You have intimate understanding of me

that I have yet to discover.

I cannot change myself,

but Yeshua, I trust that You can,

and I ask for grace to humble my heart,

to come to You

with all my cares, all that I am

again and again,

to know how much I need You

how much I depend on You,

for my breath, my life, my all.

Hold onto me and don’t let me go,

You have never failed me,

I love You God,

please make it so.



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