Unconditional Surrender

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash.

Abba Father,

You call me your own,

Called me unto you,

to surrender all,

Help me, show me

the things I still cling to,

and give me grace to let go,

expose the fears,

that keep me from trusting you,

to believe your best is far greater

than all my wants,

take all my rebellion and selfishness,

to do things my way,

pour out your mercy,

draw me into unconditional surrender,

of every area of my life,

nothing withheld, no holding back,

that your lordship would rule over my life today,

and that I may enter into your kingdom,

and experience the sweetest delights

of your grace, power, and love

starting today… and into all eternity.

You alone are worthy,



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