Let Your Mercy Flow

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

Merciful Lord,

I repent to you,

please cleanse my heart

from all the ways I’ve allowed the world to seep in,

disentangle me from its hooks

twisting my fear and insecurity,

holding me in offense and bondage.

I bring all of myself to you,

not holding back the ugly parts,

trusting you welcome the broken and contrite heart,

with all of you.

Touch my heart once more with your mercy and goodness,

let your grace and kindness flow out of this broken vessel,

water the parched ground around me,

and bring those who you would grow with me,

to surround me,

make our hearts fertile soil,

for your beautiful grace and truth to grow,

to love you with all our heart,

that we may together,

grasp how high, long, wide, and deep your love is,

and give you all our praise.



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