He Pursues You

Photo by Omer Salom on Unsplash.

O Lord,

You never stop pursuing in your love,

seeking wounds and brokenness,

crevices of darkness and pain,

life is trauma,

disconnected with you,

a disjointed, fragmented Frankenstein of my creation,

betrayed, shattered by broken cisterns,

nevertheless your loving kindness seeps through,

like water, like oxygen,

ever present, healing, calling, replenishing, restoring me

to the ancient path, to the only way,

Yeshua, the Truth and Life

I’ll let go of my empty pursuits and fruitless vanities,

surrendering all I’ve known in brokenness to you,

and I will receive your life abundant in stead,

what I’ve longed for all along,

a relationship, connected with you,

loved deeply by you, and to love you,

made whole, just by knowing you.



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