Wondrous God

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash.

Mighty Lord,

magnanimous in your glory throughout all the heavens,

ever present, everywhere in love, mercy, truth, and grace,

you ride on the clouds,

leaving the trail of your glory

in the sunrise and sunsets,

your power, intelligence, and care

on display through creation for all to see,

you are wondrous, beyond imagination,

and humble,

as the dirt that created your body,

when you gave up all your glory to come down

and die for me,

you knew my need before I knew it myself,

my brokenness, trauma and sin life

apart from you, disconnected from my Maker,

and you made the way,

to enter into abundant life

in you alone,

beloved Son, intimate with the Father,

my gift, my grace received,

I love you for all you’ve done,

for all you are,

and I praise your beautiful name today!



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