You Have Overcome

Photo by Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash.

Lord of Lords,

King of Kings,

Captain of all angelic armies,

all the heavenly hosts watch

as you defeat all evil,

destroy all darkness,

set prisoners and captives free.

You deliver from bondage,

one word from you dispels lies,

you’ve overcome the world!

Greater are you, dwelling within me,

than any evil in the world!

For no weapon forged against me shall prevail!

Your power stirs within my spirit,

that raised my Lord from the dead,

and seated Him high up in the heavenlies,

ruling and reigning in love, power, wisdom, and truth,

who can be against me?

when the one true God is for me!

Lead me, Lord of my soul,

through the battles

into the victories you’ve prepared,

Great is your power, love, might, and glory,

forever and ever!



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