Your Voice Is Beautiful

Photo by Stefan Grage on Unsplash.

Abba Father,

Your voice is true,

full of sweetness, grace, and light,

stern and splendid,

never condemning,

healing and loving,

holy and bright,

bringing life and hope

with utter tenderness to broken despair and shame,

relentlessly pinpointing, cutting through lies and bondage,

resurrecting by your wonder-working power,

gray black ashes, death and dust,

into creations of beauty, dignity, and breath,

you are gentle,

you are kind,

never insistent, frustrated, or angry,

supreme, confident in your power, love, and sovereingty,

persistent in pursuing

with your deep wells of mercy and loving-kindness

restoring, transforming me

into who you created me to be all along.

Bless your Word and Spirit,

I love your voice God.



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