Love Conquers All

Photo by Gleb Lukomets on Unsplash.

O Lord,

I forgive myself,

for you have forgive me.

You didn’t promise that life would be easy,

but that you would always be with me.

You were there

when I ran away,

helpless to change,

afraid to face

the suffering around me.

You were there

when I cried out

in the depths of my shame and guilt,

hopeless, powerless, so scared.

Your love carried me,

upheld me, comforted me,

your heart broke with me.

Your love covered all,

infused all, penetrated all.

Your love was always there.

Nothing can separate me from your love,

for you are God with,

in and through the dark and light,

who has overcome all sin and death.

And ultimately, forever,

your love conquers all.


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