Thank You Lord

Photo by James Peacock on Unsplash.


Thank you for your presence this past year,

you put a stop, a pause on life,

and turned my heart back to you.

Thank you for quieting the world

for a time, outside and within.

Thank you for delivering me from busyness,

distractions, urgent and meaningless priorities.

Thank you for cleaning house within me,

taking me to rooms untouched, forgotten, and locked away

that you are restoring to beauty for you to inhabit.

Thank you for gently pointing me back to the path of life,

plucking me out from the rat race,

freeing me from my strivings and running away,

helping me to remember your priorities,

your heart, your will, your ways.

You are good through and through O God,

your ways are filled with wisdom,

peaceable, full of grace, and life.

I praise your for your mercy once again

poured out upon my life this year,

and for bringing your wayward child

back to safe havens, to rest in you.


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