Beautiful Spirit

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

Ruach Hakodesh,

Holy Spirit of the living God,

you bring peace,

like folds of fine silk upon my skin.

You bring comfort,

releasing grace as a cozy fire within.

Your whispers and guidance,

reveal the King’s heart and thoughts,

grounding me, healing me,

directing me back to my Lord.

You settle so lightly upon me,

that I dare not breathe,

gentle as a dove,

exquisite and fair as the moon,

soft and bright as the sun.

Mysterious, beautiful,

tender as a zephyr,

more powerful than hurricane,

you live within me,

this fragile body,

choosing this broken, earthen vessel,

and making me holy.

Marking me, setting me apart.

I’m forever changed and I welcome your presence,

I love you Spirit.



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