You Hear Me

Photo by Fausto Garcia on Unsplash.

O Coming King,

Thank you that even now your hear my cries,

I know when I pray, you hear my words.

Your Spirit searches the depths of my heart,

and you know me better than I know myself.

There’s none like you,

you’re sovereign, beautiful, and holy.

The light of the sun and moon, the vastness of the skies

are just a shadow of your glory.

I’ll bless you Lord, all the time.

your praise cleanses my mouth,

and I’ll boast now in you alone.

I sought you and you answered me,

you deliver me from all my fears.

I’m poor with nothing to give,

but your Spirit within me makes me radiant.

You saved me out of all my troubles,

and I can taste how good you are in the land of the living.

You’re real, your love has overcome the world,

starting with my sin and brokenness within,

and I realize there is nothing to fear,

but you alone, you who wash me clean.

I look to you and bless your name,

I praise your precious Name!



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