Sailing Forth

Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash.

O Lord,

As in the days of Noah,

people drink, marry, and carry on,

scorners scorn, mockers mock your Name,

even as the nations conspire and the world rages against you,

our cultures and words like the roiling, boiling sea

lashing out in defiance, independence,

rebellion and pride,

your ark of salvation,

filled with loving-kindness, mercy, and grace,

sails on,

indifferent to the rolling waves,

and all the powers that wish to upheave.

I can never thank you enough for reaching out your hand

of gentle mercy and strong deliverance,

bringing me into your covenant of grace

when I was lost, thrashing, and drowning in the world.

You alone are steady, secure, and safe,

the only sure foundation in a world passing away,

a world self destructing by hands no different than mine,

but who have refused your mercy ship,

now it has sailed on.

I praise you for your beautiful vessel of grace that continues forth,

bringing salvation, hope, and deliverance wherever you go,

to all crying out, calling for you,

you are an ever present help,

a safe harbor, a refuge, the only escape.

And all are welcome,

bedraggled, broken, weary sojourners

who now look from worldly, passing away kings

to the King of Kings who reigns eternal.

Together, we press against the oars,

unfurl the sails,

let loose the ropes,

drop anchors,

and throw out buoys,

answering your call,

to reach as many crying out to be saved,

and sailing steadily onward into the horizon

hoping one day, soon,

to sail right through to the other side of sunset,

in hopes of being with you, our Savior and King,

in the presence of your glory and peace,




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