Return To First Love

Photo by Maurits Verschoren on Unsplash.


Help me to return to you,

wholehearted and single-minded,

as I did at first.

Let my heart shine brightly

as I put all my hope in you,

and trust in you,

leaning not on my own understanding.

Forgive me for letting my light grow dim,

where years of waiting and hope deferred,

gave way to disappointment and despair.

You have never changed Lord,

you pursued me from the beginning,

walked with me through deep waters,

you are with me now.

Help me to let go and trust you

that all things that happened and will happen

are within the boundaries of your will and purpose,

knowing you are perfect in love, righteousness, and holiness,

and work all things for my good and for your glory.

Give me the grace to surrender rightly all prayers

once they leave my lips and heart to yours,

trusting in your wisdom

to answer as you please.

Let me treasure you,

knowing you, and being with you above all else,

as you do with me.

Return my heart to first love again,

thank you Lord.



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