He Brings Restoration

Photo by hikmet colak on Unsplash.


I thank you for your mercy that draws me back to you.

I remember Naomi who left the land you had promised to her and her people,

and who lived with idolaters,

then experiencing tragedy, loss, and grief,

returning to Bethlehem — broken, traumatized, and bitter.

She brought with her Ruth,

a foreigner grafted into the olive branch.

You held onto her,

the faith you established in her upheld her,

your provision of a kinsman-redeemer ultimately restored her,

on every level, in every way.

You blessed her, honored her,

you brought redemption and renewal of her family line,

including her in your eternal legacy,

giving us the Messiah of the world through her line.

I praise you that you are the same God

yesterday, today, and forever.

God of Naomi and Ruth,

you are my God,

and I rise up to leave behind idols, barrenness, and emptiness,

trusting you with failure and grief,

knowing you are my God who gave me my kinsman-redeemer,

and brings to my soul complete restoration.

I cling to your Son,

I cling to the olive branch,

and I hope in you who renews my strength.

I love you and worship you Abba.


3 thoughts on “He Brings Restoration

  1. Ummmm… speechless. I am deeply moved by your sacrificial prayer. Making my prayers for your sincere, heart cried petitions. May God bless you and grant your requests beyond what you could hope or imagine! Thank you for being so courageous and sharing!


    1. Bless you, thank you again for reading and praying. May the Lord continue to strengthen your inner man that Yeshua would dwell in your heart by faith, and rooted and grounded in Him, overwhelm you with revelation and experience of the widths, lengths, heights, and depths of His love together with all the saints! Blessings to you!!

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