Refiner’s Fire

Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash.


I bless you for the safety and security of your presence,

tight and cozy around the warmth of your love.

Your warmth melts the ice of trauma encasing me,

allowing my heart to come forth and rise.

Emotions and feelings long buried and hidden away

no longer cast long shadows of hopelessness and overwhelm,

holding me in bondage and despair.

Now you invite them, acknowledge them, and say it’s ok,

setting me free in your knowing and love.

Locked away in my keeping,

they have only corroded me from the inside out,

Lord they won’t be my treasures and idols any longer,

I give them to you.

Take my heart as I step into the center of your love,

offering the sacrifice of my old broken self

surrendering all of me and my religion,

baptize with me with your fire,

and purify, transform, cleanse, and redeem me to gold —

the beauty and holiness of a spirit at rest,

full of joy and peace,

trusting, hoping in you.

I praise you for your grace and redemption.



2 thoughts on “Refiner’s Fire

  1. Honestly, I try not to comment so often on your posts – I don’t want to hijack, or be “that person” or whatever, and then you do it, post another beautiful, heartfelt, soul laid bare prayer, and find myself being compelled again… wow, a beautiful prayer by a beautiful soul… amazing, may His blessings envelope you! (Sorry about commenting again!)

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    1. Thank you so much for your words! I’m so honored and blessed you would come by to read, pray, and take the time to comment. I didn’t really have any expectations for this site, except to be faithful to the Lord in writing, and I’m thrilled that my prayers could be a blessing to another. So thank YOU for the encouragement and blessing. What an incredible blessing you are. Thank you!

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