Saving Grace

Photo by Michail Dementiev on Unsplash.

Merciful Lord,

how beautiful is your salvation,

how precious is your deliverance,

how humbling is your kindness,

you receive me back again and again,

your love drawing me deeper in

to your purposes and ways

like waves drawing back into the depths of the sea.

I stand bereft on the shore,

with tattered pieces from a broken path

leading me to an impasse of the ocean swells of your love.

Your love and holiness is gentle and good,

frightening and other,

pure and righteous,

you have poured out all,

and your love demands all.

O Lord,

that I may be found worthy in this life,

of your love that created me,

that gives and will take away my breath,

of your salvation and saving grace every single day,

of your call and purposes.

I surrender my life into the waves of your eternal love,

have your way in me.

You alone are worthy of all my life and praise.



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