Your Call Never Changes

Photo by Kristine Tanne on Unsplash.


you call me forth,

and I come with tremulous step,

so aware that I bring no contribution of worth,

only my broken cup.

Your Word halts all judgement,

my whips of self flagellation fall to my side,

as you call me by name —

call me your own.

Your arms are open,

your wings of comfort surround me,

where detours in my path wounded my soul with sin and regrets,

I find, here with you now,

that you’ve never changed.

You’ve been waiting all along,

with open heart and undying hope.

Your call to me

to all of you,

has never changed.

In the rest of your welcoming sweet mercy,

and simple trust,

You remind me of the zeal of my youth, my first love,

flickering as a tender flame.

Lord, I remember and ask,

would you take all of me, have all of me again,

and light your fire as a bonfire within.

I surrender all to you,

ever piece,

please never let me go.

I know, you alone are worthy Lord.



2 thoughts on “Your Call Never Changes

    1. Bless you and thank you! May His face shine upon you and bless you and may He grant you deep , abiding shalom to you today!


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