You Alone

Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash.


I worship you, the rock and strength of my heart,

upholding me when my heart and flesh fail.

Search me and know me,

let your light illumine every deep crevice,

test my anxious thoughts,

and expose triggers and landmines within

that cascade into my autopilot mode.

See if there is any offensive way in me,

convicting me by your tender mercies and loving kindness,

and lead me in the way everlasting

to green pastures, quiet waters, paths of righteousness,

and rest in you.

Lord, let my heart desire nothing on earth, besides you.

Let the things that dishearten and discourage,

seduce and tempt away from your voice and heart,

all things deemed good or bad and in between, be dealt with.

Plant in me one thing that I desire,

one thing to seek,

that I may dwell in your house forever,

and gaze upon your beauty,

in the glory of your presence forever.

Bless you Lord!



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