Marvelous Salvation

Photo by John Price on Unsplash.


You are sovereign and in control,

your voice thunders through the mighty waves,

your power manifests through lightning and thunder storms,

your majesty rests on snowcapped mountaintops, sunrise to sunset,

you are alive and enthroned in the heavens,

interested, intimately involved in all the affairs of man.

In your great mercy, you’ve extended rest

to this broken world of self reliance and rebellion,

so far removed from knowing you, understanding your ways.

We’ve made such a mess Lord,

forgive us.

That you’d call us,

through the voice of your Son,

once a baby, now a grown man,

the eternal once and future Word,

the King of kings of kings,

and save us all, your enemies,

from birth, from corrupted DNA

back to Adam and Eve.

Your love is unfathomable,

I can’t understand why…

only that you are God,

and I am not.

Your ways are higher than mine,

your thoughts than my thoughts.

I humble my heart before you Lord,

and ask that it would be your good pleasure

to reveal yourself to me,

your heart, your love and grace,

please grow me, mature me in your love and ways,

as you heal and help me surrender,

and user me into the fullness of your rest

by your gracious invitation.

Thank you Lord,

you alone are worthy to be praised.


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