Glorious Surrender

Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash.


I come to you wondering at the magical trade

of my broken self for your strength and eternal life.

I’m amazed as you repair my skin,

putting boundaries around my heart,

establishing identity, a sense of self,

worth and treasure in my new wine skin.

I marvel at your Spirit anointing my hands

with power — enabling, fostering, strengthening me,

to do the works you’ve prepared for me.

I’m surprised once again,

that your yoke is a perfect fit for me,

bringing peace, contentment, and fullfillment,

and your burden is light, joyous, and life giving.

I consider once again this surrender,

made glorious by you, Son of Man,

and I choose to believe

that my old self has been crucified in you,

and my body of sin, shame, fear, and guilt no longer live and preside,

but you Lord are within and reigning,

and the life I live in the body,

I live by faith in you, Son of God.

You love me and gave all of yourself for me.

I praise you for this marvelous trade.



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