Your Mighty Hand


Thank you that you see me,

hear me, understand me.

Thank you that when I get stuck,

in this gray void

of confusion and bewilderment,

your mighty hand,

your outstretched arm find me.

You’re with me,

enveloping me in your peace,

comforting my heart.

And the light of your presence

dissipates the fog,

your joy and cheer

warm my soul, lift my spirit.

My good Shepherd,

your hand hems me in,

your staff points the way,

you strengthen me, enable me

for my next steps

to follow your lead again,

up the mountain tops

down through the valleys,

and my soul is well,

because I am found by you,

you are near

and I hear your voice

so close,

you will never let me go,

I praise you and thank you Lord,


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