To Life!

Photo by Luke Richardson on Unsplash.


You call me from the leopard-haunted hills,

the lion’s lairs entrapping me in trauma and fear,

your voice cutting clear through the fog of shame,

joyful, calm, warm, full of life and strength.

Even as I stumble down,

your hand finds me to lift me up,

steady my step,

reassure my heart,

as you lead and guide,

and take me away.

You walk me through desert wastelands,

low grounds and sparse resources,

forcing me to unclench my hands,

lower my shields, and cry out to you.

You lovingly provide for me,

humbly caring for my needs,

watching me with compassion

even in and through my grumbling, distress, and discomfort.

Who is this coming up from the wilderness?

You enable me to lean on you, my Beloved,

and you lead me now to grasslands, green pastures,

to wide plateaus, up hill tops,

showing me mountain tops and ranges,

majestic and formidable in height,

calling me forth to follow you,

with the promise of adventure, life, spacious expanses,

freedom and life with you.

Grant me to be bold and courageous,

like Joshua and Caleb,

trusting your promises,

serving you, blessing you,

being transformed in your image

as I run with you,

live in your strength,

rest in your promises,

and cling to you.

I praise you Lord for bringing me from the dead

and giving me life!



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