Your Love

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash.

Abba Father,

Your love is gentle dew on raw, tender places,

an undercurrent, a zephyr blowing away heavy black clouds,

it is frankincense in the air, healing, rich, and strong,

the smell of woody resin and pine needles,

clean, sharp, and bright.

Your love is solid as the redwoods,

towering and ancient, magnificent in giant splendor,

your love is intimately involved in the details and minutiae

as your hand on the veins and creases of a rose.

Your love is on waters,

expressive, vocal, calming, and wild,

a happy bluebird in the air,

rejoicing, musical, joyful always!

Your love is within me,

holy, still, kind, and ever present,

seeking, knowing, listening,

accepting and embracing,

calling me forth as your beloved child,

the real me reflecting your image

into your freedom and blessings.

I praise you for your love Abba,

your love is better than wine.


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