Love Delivers


Thank you for your love,

It rushes in

over the walls I’d built around my heart,

that were my protection before,

but are now smooth steel walls caging me in

with no way out.

I cry out to you trying to get out and find no way,

but your love comes like fire, rushing waves,

swirling wind, and oil dripping down and filling my cage.

I thank you that you’re with me,

you are my Father,

who will never abandon me,

leave me nor forsake me,

and that you fight for me,

with me,

delivering me, setting me free

from the inside out.

I praise you God with,

who empowers and enables me

with your strength and glorious might,

that in my faltering steps to heed your call,

you would give me boldness and faith

where I tremble in weakness.

You are with me now,

and I refuse to look back,

clinging to your hand,

trusting your deliverance step by step

on terra firm,

until my legs are strong,

my wings are ready,

to fly with you.

I am nothing without your love,

and I bless you Father.


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