Fully Me For You

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash.


I praise you for caring for my heart,

I trust your faithfulness to me.

Grant me wisdom, knowledge, understanding,

discernment, and insight,

into who you are,

who you created me to be,

how I function,

who I am and who I am not,

and the pleasant boundaries,

the wise limits you’ve placed around my life.

Help me to understand your call

to right stewardship, responsibility

over my heart, mind, body, energy, and time.

Let me accept and embrace

the gifts, talents, and strengths you’ve given me,

what motivates and fulfills me,

the people and situations that may trigger,

and grant me the humility, wisdom, love, and grace

to shine your light through all of it.

I pray that you would help me Abba,

to glorify you with all of me,

every cell, particle, breath, action, and movement of my heart,

and to answer your highest call,

to be fully me,

fully surrendered to all of you.

I praise you and bless you Abba,



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