Your Inheritance

Photo by Lucy Kral on Unsplash.


I praise you for being my Lord,

my Brother, my Husband, my God,

the great Gardener of my heart.

Would you make me your companion

in the garden you have prepared for me.

Teach me what belongs within the garden and without.

Help me to see where my garden walls have been broken,

grant me grace and strength to repair them.

I pray for your wisdom to bring under your care

desolate plots of weeds and rebellious roots.

Show me the plants and trees

you have called me to cultivate,

teach me the fruits that you delight in

how I may grow them best,

help me to plant the seeds and talents you’ve given me

that you may receive the greatest harvest and return.

All of my garden, what you’ve placed in my stewardship,

I give to you —

my heart, mind, soul, body, time, talents, and energy,

I surrender my relationship and my life to you today.

May you receive the fullness of your inheritance in me.

I bless you Lord.


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