Photo by Andy Art on Unsplash.


I praise you that in Him,

I stand in the garden,

crowned with His love and compassion,

a new name written across my chest,

your Word naming me “Beloved.”

Your Spirit alighting on me,

filling me from within,

making this temple holy and clean.

Your voice fills my soul,

conscience, peace, and mercy,

exposing and casting out accusation and lies.

I rest assured in your presence,

faith in your Son who has crushed the enemy,

broken the power of sin and death within,

jubilant in His victory and joy

over all the lies and rebellion.

Now I’m blessed to embark on this journey,

acknowledging you and trusting you to guide me

on the path you have chosen uniquely for me.

I praise you for the hope that stirs because of you,

my wonderful Abba,

my gracious Lord,

Redeemer and Friend.



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