Sweet Rest

Photo by Dev Asangbam on Unsplash.

Beautiful Lord,

Sweet rest is in you,

abiding in your love

that makes me worthy —

valued, precious, seen, known,

crafted by your Word,

knit together by my Creator,

saved and delivered out of sin and shame,

your mercy and love have arrested my doing,

my independence replaced by your Spirit within,

cleansing, washing, renewing my heart,

counseling, guiding, granting wisdom for my function,

that I may live from the inside out,

in alignment with my Maker,

allowing your streams of living water

to flow forth from me —

an instrument in the hand of my Redeemer,

without apology,

my gifts and talents anointed and alive

by your love and Spirit within.

Oh Lord, that my love would abound in knowledge,

depth of discernment, and insight,

and guided by your grace,

that I would have understanding

of your whole and complete will for my life

that I would live a life pleasing to you,

and in you,

be salt and light in this world.



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