The King’s Love

Photo by Andre Unger on Unsplash.


I’m amazed at the gentle grace of your gaze

that sees everything and is still so kind,

that accepts in me what I abhor,

filtering all with merciful hope,

trusting and believing,

seeing me far beyond my limited scope.

With no condemnation, judgement, or anger,

ever careful and attentive, never dismissive,

recognizing me, seeing me,

picking me out in the crowd,

my demeanor, face, and carriage,

my voice, my heart, my breath

deeply, intimately known, followed,

made by you.

You know me,

you know your sheep,

and you would have me know your voice.

Help me to hear and trust your voice,

amongst others that clamor, push,

demand, and persuade,

yours alone is pure as a bell,

sweet, unhurried as zephyrs over waters,

peaceable, gentle, joyful, and kind.

Can you truly be so good?

Utterly genuine with no guile,

so kind and gracious,

leaving me defenseless,

arrested, and humbled,

that your love is utterly foreign,

beyond my understanding,

holy, other, beautiful.

I’m amazed at the goodness of your love,

and I praise you in gratitude

for making me, knowing me, loving me today.



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