How You See Me

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash.


show me how you see me,

you who formed my inmost being,

lovingly crafted my soul and spirit,

my nose, my cheeks, my form,

planting every hair on my head,

breathing me to life,

and sustaining my moment-to-moment existence

with your oversight, guidance, and power.

Show me Lord.

I surrender the outside-in definitions I’ve used,

my family name, my job, my status, how much money I make,

my race, ethnicity, culture, and subcultures,

denominations, doctrines, and beliefs,

other’s expectations and voices over my life,

I surrender it all,

I long to hear and live by your voice alone.

Would you let these labels melt away,

the structures I’ve forced myself into I let go,

and show me how you see me.

Let me live from the inside out,

conformed to your likeness —

Creator, Artist, Poet, and Love,

one with your Spirit,

manifesting your life and joy,

soul, mind, body, and action

in alignment with your Word,

my doing flowing forth from being,

living in accordance with one standard —

already accepted, embraced, loved

exactly as I am, exactly where I’m at,

a cherished child of God.

Thank you Lord for your love and sacrifice

that makes me possible.

I love you Lord.



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