Establish Me


Thank you for saving me

into an eternal relationship with you,

enjoying your wonderful presence moment by moment.

Thank you for saving me

into the fellowship of believers,

who love you, know you,

and shine various facets

of your beauty and life.

I pray for wise, godly companions,

holy, righteous, devoted,

courageous, bold, and pure hearted,

who love your Word,

who walk in your Spirit,

that I may walk strengthened

in your counsels and in your ways,

urged on to stand firm in my faith.

Grant me opportunities to use my gifts

to build up the body and your kingdom of grace

according to your will.

Root and ground me in your Word

that I may be a tree planted by

streams of living water,

replenish me so that I can give,

bearing fruit in every season.

Establish me and use me

that I may be your hands, feet, and heart,

your blessing in this world.

Lord, you are so worthy

and I bless your Name today.


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