Stand Firm


please strengthen my heart,

prioritize my day,

let your guidance be clear,

and my path straight.

Bless the work of my hands,

establish peace in my spirit,

let my words and thoughts

please you and grace others.

Protect me from the evil one,

grant me focus and conviction

to stand firm and fight,

using prayers, trust, and hope,

so that I will not lose ground,

but stay true to your vision,

your call for my life.

Let me be aware of your presence,

your love and help,

the hands of your angelic ministers,

the fellowship of the body,

that I stand with an army of warriors,

serving the Lord of hosts,

whose victory is won.

I bless you Lord.



2 thoughts on “Stand Firm

    1. Bless you dear Marie! I’m comforted knowing we are sisters in the Lord, and we belong to Him. Thank you for your prayers, may His grace, peace, and love rest and buoy you up today! And Moishe and Ian! 🙂


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