Beautiful Work


I praise you for beautiful work.

Let my hands be blessed

to do the work you’ve prepared for me.

Reinvigorate my spirit, soul, and body for labor

sharing my yoke and burdens with the Lord,

knowing His wisdom and counsel,

His pace and strength,

His joy and margins.

Let your light shine from within me,

my tongue cleansed of complaining and grumbling,

my heart pure, sincere, and generous,

my body and mind healthy and strong to serve.

Provide for me discernment and faith,

alert to the movement of your Spirit around me,

and grant divine appointments,

a word, an action, moments, and prayers

to be your hands and feet in this world.

Drench and deluge my heart with your desires and directives,

enable me by your power

to fulfill every good purpose of yours

and every action

stemming from absolute trust and confidence

in your power, wisdom, and goodness.

Bless me to be a blessing Lord,

so that your beauty and light will shine,

and your magnificent Name glorified in this world.



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