Blessed Path


open the eyes of my heart,

awaken my listening to hear your voice,

teach me your ways,

and let me follow you

along the narrow paths

where you lead.

Show me how to live a life

that delights your heart,

learning the rhythms and patterns,

the wisdom you’ve infused in creation.

I thank you for the work of my hands,

bless my actions to express your goodness and love.

I thank you for Shabbat,

grant me grace to rest and refresh deeply in you.

I thank you for new moons

that bring forth fresh revelation and deliverance.

I thank you for your feasts,

reminding me of your story again and again,

your beautiful life, death, resurrection, and redemption.

Please take me higher up and deeper in,

let me align with heaven’s praise and thanksgiving to you,

be pleased to extend your scepter

so that I may draw even closer.

Many you have called, few you have chosen,

establish yourself in me, increase my trust and faith,

that I may be one found chosen in you,

please have your way in me.

I love you Lord,



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