Joyful Work


thank you for having extended your scepter,

in the form of my Lord’s execution stake and your blood,

to allow me to enter into your presence,

your grace, mercy, and love

with complete freedom,

my old self crucified, dead, and hidden in Messiah,

and resurrected with His beautiful life.

I praise you for the garments of righteousness,

put upon my shoulders,

the newfound purity, wholeness, and cleansing

making my heart sing praise,

and the love you have put in me for your Son.

Let me learn your ways Lord,

to examine you moving throughout history,

resurrecting your beloved land and people,

and working in the harvest fields

that I may partner with you

taking your yoke which is easy,

and sharing your burden which is light.

I pray above all just to know the joy of being with you,

invited into the garden of your heart,

knowing your purposes, your desires, your ways,

and living this life to the next honoring you.

I bless you Lord.



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