Debt of Love


thank you for bringing down the walls of my pride

with your acceptance, love, and grace,

cherishing me, reminding me of

the essence of who I am,

who you created me to be,

someone I am and haven’t known.

You swallow up my guilt and shame,

layers of failure, sin, and grief,

with unending waves of mercy

that crash down around me,

washing and cleansing me,

setting me free,

you’ve restored my heart and my joy,

lifted my head.

In broken gratitude,

I’m reminded that I’ve done nothing for it,

my hands are empty.

Naked I’ve come into this world,

naked I’ll leave,

but I am forever in debt to your love,

my God who is complete, glorious, eternal, abundant.

Let me praise you more,

love you more,

give thanks to you more,

there’s none like you,

and let your awe within me,

shed light to your glory

wherever I go.

I love you Lord,

thank you, thank you, thank you

for all you’ve done.



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