I praise you for your forgiveness,

for cleansing me of all of my sins,

generations past and generations forth,

you have taken away the stain of sin and shame,

and proclaimed my innocence

in the courtrooms of heaven.

You sent your Son to stand in my place,

receive my judgement,

and die for me.

And in return,

trading places,

I receive His pure, spotless, eternal life

being with you forever.

His blood speaks a better word,

every moment, every day,

and I praise you that no earthly,

worldly judgement can stand in the way.

You are the the beginning and the end,

your Word will never pass away,

and I am sealed by your Spirit,

stamped innocent and free,

forgiven, loved, and blessed

today and for the rest of eternity.

I bless you God,



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