You Hear


I cry out to you,

hear my voice and turn your ear to me.

When you are silent,

I become desperate for your words,

and am no better than those going to the pit.

I thank you for your blood,

cleansing me as I enter your Tent of Meeting,

washing me from all sins — past, present, and future,

pride, failures, and shame once more swept away.

I lift my hands to you,

offering you my heart and soul.

Search me, know me,

test my anxious thoughts,

see if there is any offensive way in me

and lead me in the way everlasting.

I bless you Lord because you’ve heard me,

you receive my cries and are moved,

moving on my behalf.

You alone are my Rock and Refuge,

the One to whom I can turn.

You are my strength and my comfort,

and my heart trusts and finds rest in you alone.

You answer my prayers, you speak to my heart,

and my heart rejoices in your hep and love.

I thank you Lord for your faithfulness to me,

you are a fortress surrounding me

with the heavenly hosts at your beck and command.

I will not shaken, I will not be moved,

and I rejoice to trust in your might hand and outstretched arm.

Bless you Lord,



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